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  • 5-HTP

5-HTP can reduce aggression, anxiety, mood swings and depression. The abbreviation stands for 5-Hydroxytrzptophan and was prescribed from 1970 and 1980 as Antidepressiva. Meanwhile, other and advanced drugs for depression are prescribed and 5-HTP is now considered a dietary supplement for which you usually need no prescription. A healthy amount of 5-HTP can curb your appetite, which is why it is often used to reduce obesity. Furthermore, 5-HTP can be tried to alleviate sleep disorders, hot flashes, migraine or fibromyalgia (functional pain syndrome). Especially in people who are in menopause.

Compound Structure

Chemical Name
2-amino-3-(5-hydroxy-1H-indol-3-yl)propanoic acid
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
220.228 g/mol
EC Number


The University of Maryland Medical Center advises not to consume more than 150 to 300mg of 5-HTP in 3 times a day.

For depression and anxiety, the dose is 600mg once each morning and evening.

For insomnia, you should take 100 to 300mg (starting with the lowest dose) 45 minutes before bedtime.

For weight loss, headache, depression, fibromyalgia, a dose of 50mg 3 times a day is recommended. If there is no effect after 2 weeks, the dose may be increased from 50mg to 100mg.


Http-5 can be combined with melatonin, L-tryprophan or St. John's wort extract. In a possible combination, it is best to first combine one preparation and gradually add another.

500 to 1500 mg L-Tryprohan

50 to 100 mg 5-HTP

0.5 to 1mg melatonin

3 to 300 mg per day of St. John's wort extract (up to 3 percent hyperforin)

3 times daily 50 - 100mg 5-HTP


Due to the mechanism of action, 5-HTP can lead to indigestion such as abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, flatulence and nausea, which can be prevented with a smaller dosage.


Enormous high dosages can lead to a health problem. An overdose of 5-HTP can trigger the serotonin syndrome, which in turn can lead to muscle twitching, nervousness, chills, sweating and tremors. Should such side effects occur, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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