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  • Vinpocetine

Vinpocetine was first isolated in Hungary in 1975 and has since been used for treatment of cerebrovascular disorders and age-related memory impairment. 

Numerous benefits such as inducing enhanced memory, improved mood and cognition can be related to Vinpocetine.

It can protect the brain from negative effects of stress and environmental toxins by optimizing cerebral blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient absorption by the brain.

Compound Structure

Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
350.462 g/mol
Hazard Classification
Harmful if swallowed
EC Number


Anecdotal reports suggest 5 - 10mg three times a day. Every individual should start at lowest dosage and gradually increase to gain optimum impact.


Vinpocetine can be stacked with other members of the racetam family. 

Piracetam - for improving cognition

Aniracetam - for improving memory

Alpha-GPC - for improving learning abilities


Although Vinpocetine is generally well tolerated, mild side-effects can occur. Such side-effects are headache, stomach distress or restlessness.


As with all supplements, people with medical conditions should be cautious when taking Vinpocetine and consult a doctor prior to administration.


Tags: cognition, memory, learning, mood, motivation

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Peter M. Pastors 01/09/2021

ich nehme es regelmäßig in Verbindung mit Ginkgi biloba und koreanischem Ginseng

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