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  • Huperzine A

Huperzine A has been used as a herbal medicine in China since centuries and is mostly used as a memory enhancer. 

It can either be taken acutely in times of studying or long-term to prevent age related memory decline.

Huperzine A is popular among students and workers with high workloads. 

Compound Structure

Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
242.322 g/mol
EC Number


Anecdotal reports state that 100 mcg per day can have a positive effect on learning ability. It should not be taken for longer than 3 weeks in a row. Regular breaks should be taken in between to prevent physical dependence.


Huperzine A can be stacked quite well with members of the racetam family.

Noopept - for gaining optimum learning results

Alpha-GPC - for enhancing Huperzine A effects 


Commonly reported side effects include nausea,, stomach distress and diarrhea. When taken in higher dosages as recommended, heavy side-effects can occur such as slurred speech, muscle twitching, drooling, incontinence, elevated blood pressure, and a slow heart rate.


As with any supplement people with medical conditions should consult their doctor prior consumption. High dosages of Huperzine A are not recommended.

Pregnant or lactating woman must avoid this substance.

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