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What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is popular with people who often suffer from fatigue, such as shiftworkers, students or when the job demands too much. The remedy is suitable for increasing mental fitness and alertness. It works by quickly releasing adrenaline. Adrenaline is known to increase energy levels, maximize concentration and increase self-esteem. The learning capacity of the brain is increased because memories can be stored more effectively and retrieved faster.

Some consumers have reported a "mental high" that they have experienced.

Adrafinil is freely available and unlike modafiline it is not prescription. Both substances are very similar, but there is a significant difference. Adrafnil is converted to modafinil in the liver. This process usually takes longer than the onset of action for Modafinil itself. Because Adrafinil is available over the counter, many prefer to wait longer for the effects to take effect than spending time in a doctor's waiting room. Among other things, the prescription depends on how far a disease has been identified that justifies the intake of Modafinil.

The production of the neurotransmitter Hypocretin are stimulated by both substances. Hypocretin plays an important role in balancing wakefulness and sleep. A healthy level of Hypocretin can thus contribute to a balanced sleep rhythm.

Many have reported that Adrafinil improves the general mood. People who suffer from narcolepsy or sleep disorders can benefit from the alertness that Adrafinil can cause to help maintain a healthy sleep rhythm. It is reported that energy, stamina and increased attention is promoted by Adrafinil.


  • Improves attention
  • increases alertness
  • Improved concentration
  • increases energy
  • Stimulates targeted mental abilities
  • Fights lethargy and mental fatigue


In powder form Adrafinil is water-soluble and can therefore be dissolved in liquids such as a glass of water or juice. Some consumers prefer to take a sublingual dose (place under the tongue). Capsules should be taken with a glass of water or juice, whichever is preferred. 


Most sources report distributing 100-300 mg daily throughout the day.

Adrafinil is a powerful supplement. When combining with other supplements, be sure to use an appropriate dosage. The dosage should first be minimal and gradually increased until the personal optimum is achieved. Long-term use of adrafinil can be harmful.


Andrafinil can be combined with one of the most popular supplements Noopept for extended mental focus and attention.

Side effects

The most commonly reported side effects are headache, dizziness, nausea, stomach upset and diarrhea. High doses can cause high blood pressure and heart problems.

In general, adrafinil is considered to be relatively non-toxic when used acutely and not for too long. However, if taken regularly, the liver should be checked at regular intervals by a doctor.


No prescription is required to acquire Adrafinil under its current legal status, and citizens are free to buy it domestically or to import it for personal use. In the US, Adrafinil falls into a kind of gray area for substances that are not FDA approved or regulated.

Compound Structure

Chemical Name
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
289.349 g/mol
EC Number

Tags: energy, learning, mood, fatigue, alertness

Adrafinil Reviews (5)

Leon 26/11/2020

Great product. Does what expected.

Mattias 31/01/2019

Bought this as a supplement to use after those nights where I have trouble sleeping.
Tried it for the first time today, I had slept for 3-4h and were really tired. It did wonders, made me feel like I had slept for 10h or more. I am really awake and have no trouble focusing on stuff.

I recommend this to you people that live in a country were Modafinil is illegal or needs a prescription.

Danny 17/02/2018

great shop and best quality

Barki 26/01/2018

My focus has improved by taking Adrafinil. I take 300 mg daily, 150mg in the morning and 150mg in the evening. I also use Adrafinil more often in different stacks with noopept or sulbutamine. Shipping was great.

Michael 04/01/2018

I have been suffering from the consequences of a burn-out for years after working too much in the office and not listening to my body. I tried many supplements to improve my well being but nothing really helped. One day my best friend told me about Adrafinil so i tried. It actually worked to my surprise. Now i take it since about 6 months every now and then when i feel i need it. The effects last about 5 to 6 hours. I take 100mg capsules 3 mg times a day. I'm excited about the effects. My motivation, focus and mood has finally improved. I used to buy from nootropics depot but they once sent really bad quality and it took ages... so i ended up here.

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