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This learning stack is a combination of different nootropics which individually influence specific parts of the brain that are responsible for concentration, focus, attention and memory.

Our brain is in constant need of different nutrients in order to function properly. Although most nutrients can be derived in small amounts from foods like fish or vegetables, in average the human diet today does not cover all vitamins, minerals, acids and proteins. There is a slight correlation to people suffering learning difficulties, inherent or by outside factors and a lack of a healthy diet containing sufficient nutrients. That is why ever more people turn to supplements.

This stack includes three nootropics compounds that mainly improve attention, memory, concentration and motivation. Suited for learning phases prior and during university exams or intense preparation for projects and new tasks at work.

Stack Contents

Noopept on its own is generally used and well accepted as a brain booster. Aniracetam alleviates stress that often occurs in learning phases. Sulbutiamine can help to get a better mood. The combined supplementation of Noopept together with Aniracetam and Sulbutiamine is therefore aimed to improve overall learning capabilities and mental fitness.

Tags: mood, learning, relax, concentration, focus

Learn Stack Reviews (6)

Luca33 27/03/2018

Freu mich schon auf meine Bestellung. Ich hab mir die Lern kombo dreimal gegönnt und bin absolut zufrieden.

Ron 26/03/2018

Great Deal and good service

Morenex 24/03/2018

Sehr geil. Wurde schnell geliefert und wirkt schnell!

Justin 23/03/2018

this stack helps me a lot. thumbs up guys

Rubinek 13/03/2018

I never expected that the Noopept would work that well

Excellent stuff!

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