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Fladrafinil is a eugeric nootropic. A derivative of adrafinil that is very similar in its effects to Adrafinil itself or Modafinil. It works by encouraging the production of histamine and dopamine which are important neurotransmitters that are responsible for sending signals to the brain. 

You probably heard of antihistamine before for treating allergies. Contrary to antihistamines that used to cause drowsiness and sleepiness because it used to pass the blood-brain barrier in earlier versions of antihistamines, histamine promotes wakefulness. 

Scientists have been researching histamine for its relaxing effects and tested it for treating psychogenic impotence. In a study, they injected very small amounts of histamine into the erectile tissue of the penis and found that 74% of men participating in the study produced full or partial erections. 

Compound Structure

Chemical Name
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
325.33 g/mol

Dopamine is important for the general mental attitude and plays an essential part in the nervous system as it is responsible for movement and cognitive conditions. For example, dopamine can stimulate the body’s reward system. That feeling you get when something nice happens, you win a game or when taking stimulants. Thus Fladrafinil and its influence on dopamine levels will indirectly make you feel motivated and rewarded. It is widely researched for its potential to help diseases such as ADHD, psychosis and age related diseases such as Parkinson's.

Compared to its related nootropics, Fladrafinil is stronger and it is said to have the additional effect of anti-aggression while having little to no side-effects when taken responsibly. 

Fladrafinil is generally used by nootropics consumers to increase wakefulness and heighten, alertness, recollection and motivation with the aim to generally improve overall mental performance.  


10 - 100 mg per day

The dosage may never exceed 100 mg per day to prevent any brain damage.


Most common: headache, hyperactivity

Less common: stomach distress

Rarely: high blood pressure


Prolonged consumption or overdosing of Fladrafinil can cause brain damage! 

Tags: memory, wakefulness, motivation, happiness

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Jezus 29/12/2021

het werkt , sneller, sterker en meer gemotiveerd .je lijkt in standje viking gezet te worden . prima spul

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