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  • Hydrafinil

Hydrafinil, also known under the name 9- Fluorenol is a synthetic eugeroic or wakefulness enhancing substance.

It has a 39% higher effectiveness in its effects then modafinil and is handled as a theoretical successor of the same. It is a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor, being notably 59% weaker in comparison than modafinil albeit being a stronger eugeroic, resulting in a lesser liability for addiction. 

Hydrafinil has shown enhancements in short-term visual memory, attention and information processing as well as an decrease in impulsivity and increase in logical thinking.

Compound Structure

Chemical Name
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
182.222 g/mol
EC Number


  • Promotes Wakefulness
  • Promotes Attentiveness
  • Enhances short-term visual memory
  • Promotes Information processing
  • Promotes logical thinking


Hydrafinil can be administrated in pill and powder form. Due to current lack of scientific studies, it is recommended to start with the smallest dose and gradually increase the dosage. 


The common dosage of Hydrafinil is 50mg, taken between 1-3 times a day.


Hydrafinil can be stacked with other nootropics or supplements of choice. It is recommended to keep the possible side-effects in mind when creating own stack including DHEA.


Due to a lack of scientific studies, no guarantee is given with regards to the safety, possible side-effects or harmful effects in long term usage. Potential users are advised that Hydrafinil might prove ineffective in some individuals. Users need to be also aware that Hydrafinil might be less stimulating then other eugeroic substances when looking for a high eugeroic stimulation


Due being a relatively new developed synthetic substance,  only a very limited number of research studies have been performed. Hence there is no real overview with regards to potential and/or harmful side-effects of this substance. User are advised to use extreme care and diligence when administering this substance.


Hydrafinil is an unregulated substance.

Tags: Attention, energy, memory

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Bhupinder T. 15/07/2022

More effective than modafinil

YOUSEF 06/04/2022

I loved shopping on your site.
I want to tell you I'm happy.

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