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  • GABA

GABA is considered by doping athletes and bodybuilders because it forms the growth hormone pituitary in the anterior lobes of the brain and increases protein biosynthesis and cell differentiation. It also promotes the oxidation of body fat. There are some substances in the drug market that are similar to GABA, but have been chemically altered to only mimic the effects of GABA. In China, GABA is drunk in the form of tea for reassurance.

Compound Structure

Chemical Name
4-aminobutanoic acid
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
103.121 g/mol
EC Number


A dosage of 2g throughout the day is already sufficient to achieve effective results.


GABA and Teanine complement each other very well and provide for relaxation of body and mind in various points. The combination of both has a calming effect on stress, lack of sleep and anxiety. This combination also promotes focus, attention, alertness, which can help in everyday life in many situations.

Side effects

Because GABA is a natural substance, it is generally considered well-tolerated. Some people who consume GABA have noticed a small change in the heart rate and breathing. Few have reported that they have stomach problems. Nevertheless, GABA is generally considered to be a compatible dietary supplement. An overdose (over 20g) can cause unpleasant side effects such as anxiety and insomnia as well as shortness of breath.


Pregnant or lactating women and people who have liver and / or kidney damage should definitely avoid GABA. There is an addictive potential when mixing GABA with prescription sleep aids or sedatives. Epilepsy should consult a doctor before taking GABA. Alcohol and cannabis use in combination with GABA can lead to memory lapses.

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