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The RTS 1 stack ensures concentration, insight and a balanced energy balance. By bringing the body and mind into a more alert state, the performance of the entire brain is increased. Fatigue is a big issue in the player scene when it comes to dungeons, battles, battles and games of any kind that take several hours. Weeks, months or even years are invested depending on the game to train and expand characters, teams or colonies. In addition, weeks of preparation are made. When it comes down to it in the game, the moment has come where everything has to play together like a clockwork, you do not want to fail in the end by lack of concentration and energy.

Tournaments are usually associated with enormous pressure, which can lead to stress and fears triggered by it. Whether in real-life or in-game, the stress can have a negative effect on body and mind. The body signals this in many different ways that are expressed in different ways in each person, and many do not even perceive it.

Successful players gather every day in the world at huge tournaments, events or championships to compete against each other. Not infrequently, it is about taking home a prize money. Everything is connected with a lot of work, whether in the planning or organisation to political negotiations with opposing or allied teams. The Real-Time Strategy Pack can help you on the road to success and fame because it supports key performance areas that a successful gamer needs in the short or long term.

In many games you are exposed to acute stress combined with emotional outbursts. This stack can help to balance emotions. The RTS 1 stack is therefore not only suitable for real-time strategy but can also be used in other game genres or even in areas of life that are similar to the circumstances of the RTS gamers.

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The following properties are attributed to the said preparations in combination.

  • attention
  • memory
  • concentration
  • Learning capacity
  • energy
  • Mood
  • reaction time


    As with any preparation, people with health conditions should be very careful and see their doctor before eating. High doses of individual preparations and stacks are not recommended.

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