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  • Performance Stack

Our performance stack is tailored to enhance energy, motivation and cognitive functions. Ideal for phases in life where focus, concentration and maximum efficacy is needed. 

Stack Contents

Huperzine A is understood to be working positively with Alzheimer's, through heightening memory and learning capabilities. To people that don’t suffer memory disabilities or diseases, Huperzine A can benefit memory and learning directly. It is purified from a plant called Chinese club moss that is traditionally and primarily used in China for treating inflammations and to rid the body of water. Huperzine A’s potential to improve cognitive functions was later discovered after heavy laboratory manipulations to this chemical.

Amongst the most popular nootropics is Noopept. It is regularly used by many students in universities and professionals with a high work pensum. Noopept is very similar to racetams like Aniracetam, Piracetam or Fasoracetam nootropics. In contrast to the racetam family, noopept is very strong. It is believed to be 1000x stronger than Piracetam for example and has a higher bioavailability within the body, meaning it works faster and the effects last longer. Therefore Noopept is generally available in smaller doses.  

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