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  • Inositol

Inositol is a general term used for a group of molecules with a similar structure that are involved in transmission of nerve signals, specifically insulin signaling, breakdown of fats, calcium regulation within cells and gene expression. The type of Inositol commonly sold as a dietary supplement refers to myocardial Inositol, a vitamin-like compound but not an essential nutrient. Inositol promotes general metabolism and is found almost everywhere in the tissues of the human body, but in some organs such as the kidneys, liver, spleen or testes, Inositol is particularly highly concentrated.

Some therapies to treat mental illness have shown some success in treatment with Inositol, whether with depression, panic attacks, claustrophobia, Alzheimer's, eating disorders like bulimia or binge eating as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder and neurosis, although its anxiolytic effects are more prominent.

The Oxford University published a study with 141 individuals in 2004 for the therapeutic effect of Inositol in the treatment of depression [1]. It was concluded that more studies are necessary to determine its efficacy but also that it is well tolerable to ingest in terms of side effects. 

In another study, the effects Inositol were compared to the antidepressant imipramine and fluoxetine (Prozac and Sarafem) [2]. Myo-Inositol seemed to be exclusively effective in  psychiatric disorders such as anxiety or depression that are sensitive to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. A clinical trial on the long term effects of fluoxetine on the brain showed changes in hippocampal expression of the protein ciliary neurotrophic factor and other genes linked to myelinogenesis, resulting in rapid increase in myelin sheaths throughout the nervous system.

Often Inositol is referred to as the “health supplement for women”. Myo-Inositol has many different capabilities but the most promising benefits are promoting fertility in females and reducing anxiety. Further studies suggest that Inositols play an important part in the metabolic, endocrine, and reproductive health in women with the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which are symptoms caused by higher levels of male hormones that include irregular menstrual periods, pregnancy obstruction or excess body hair [4].

Compound Structure

Chemical Name
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
180.156 g/mol
EC Number


  • Improved metabolism
  • Alleviation of anxiety & depression
  • Promotes fertility in females
  • Restores insulin sensitivity
  • Breaks down fats


Inositol can be mixed with water and is best taken before a meal. 


Doses for Inositol vary widely. 

For the treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome, doses range between 200mg and 4gr a day.

To reach antidepressant effects a dosage at 6gr a day have shown to be effective, but to gain neurological advantage, doses are much higher between 14gr and 18gr per day. Since every body reacts differently, lower doses are recommended when ingesting for the first time and gradually increase with a comforting pace. 


Inositol may be stacked well with melatonin to promote female fertility even more. For increasing the potency of myo-inositol in polycystic ovarian syndrome, it may be stacked well with its relative d-chiro-inositol. 

Side effects

Inositols are generally well tolerated. Long terms studies have shown that myo-Inositol did not cause any health problems. High doses however, especially used when trying to aim for neurological improvements, may cause headaches and digestive difficulties temporarily until tolerant. 


Pregnant women should not take inositol, as ingestion may trigger contractions of the uterus. It must also be considered that the effects of Inositol are partly controversial. 


No prescription is required to purchase Inositol under its current legal status, and citizens are free to buy it for personal use.


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