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Alpha-GPC 50% Capsules 200mg

  • Alpha-GPC

Alpha-GPC is present in the body in very small amounts and is commercially extracted from soy lecithin. Since sourcing sufficient Alpha-GPC from foods can be almost impossible due to the amounts of food one must eat to gain effective results, it has become a popular supplement. 

Besides its beneficial effects to memory and cognition, Alpha-GPC is commonly supplemented by bodybuilders due to its property to stimulate the production of the human growth hormone.

A pilot study on humans suggested that when Alpha-GPC is taken 90 minutes prior to a workout session, increased performance by nearly 15%.

Many consumers reported that Alpha GPC improves mood, motivation and endurance.

Compound Structure

Chemical Name
2,3-dihydroxypropyl 2-(trimethylazaniumyl)ethyl phosphate
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
257.223 g/mol
EC Number


Most sources suggest a starting dosage of 300 - 600 mg per day. Every individual should test out their optimum effective dosage.


Alpha-GPC is one of the best stacking nootropics out there.

Noopept - for improving cognitive functions

Aniracetam - for improving mood and relief stress


Although Alpha-GPC is generally well tolerated, some people may suffer nausea, stomach distress, nervousness, fatigue or headache. Mostly these side-effects occur in connection with higher dosages.


As with any supplement, people with medical conditions should take great care and consult a doctor prior to administration.

Especially pregnant woman and patients taking scopolamine are advised to avoid this supplement.

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Alpha-GPC Reviews (2)

Juan José 01/06/2020

Me está sentando genial la verdad, me está dando ese plus de motivación mental y físico, ya que padezco de "Tda" y mentalmente soy muy bipolar y necesito una regulación.

Zachary 28/03/2018

Great service and great quality for a good price. I highly recommend them.

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