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The Phenibut and Noopept Stack Bundling can trigger the feelings of euphoria in socializing, it also enhances focus and stimulates memory, it promotes alertness and provides clarity

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The following properties are said to be the said preparations.

Phenibut - mood, rest, strength

Noopept - memory, learning, focus


As with any supplement, people with health conditions should be very careful and consult their doctor before eating. High doses of individual preparations and stacks are not recommended.

Tags: mood, focus, memory, social

Social Stack Reviews (3)

Mirco 01/06/2018

Very good!
Helps me tremendously with my social anxiety.
It also motivates and decreases symptoms of depression.

I never felt so good! Thank you!!!

Austin 27/03/2018

Everything arrived well packed and good as expected, totally recommended!

scott.w 26/03/2018

First time here and will definitely be back to try the rest of their range.

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