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  • MK-2866

MK-2866, or Ostarine oris an representative of the SARM family and is very popular amongst body builders and power lifters due to its ability to produce good and lasting muscle building results.

Ostarine was originally created by GTx to avoid and treat muscle wasting. A secondary usage for Ostarine is the avoidance of atrophy (total wastage of a body parts), cachexia, sarcopenia and within a Hormone or Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

In its function it is one of a handful of SARM’s which not only allows you to build muscle mass but also will retain the lean body mass.

Another beneficial side-effect of Ostarine due to its anabolism in the bone and skeletal muscle tissue, is its ability to prevent bone and tendon related injuries.

Compound Structure

Chemical Name
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
389.334 g/mol


  • Increased lean body mass gain
  • Improvement in Strength
  • Improvement of endurance
  • Increased joint healing abilities
  • Anabolic (promoting body synthesis of complex materials)


Orally is best administered orally for optimal results. 


The common dosage of Ostarine ranges between 25mg to 50 mg once per day. Evidence from studies suggest no significant increased benefit when surpassing the recommended max dosage of 50mg per day 


Due to  there being no side-effects at all,,Ostarine can safely be stacked with other nootropics or SARM supplements of choice for increased effect.. 


With Ostarine having been extensively studied and tested, all studies found no type of side-effect associated with the use of Ostarine


Ostarine is an unregulated substance.

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Michele MIGHALI 27/12/2020

Faceva veramente schifo..ho provato 30 capsule , solo un paio ho sentito effetto , non le comprerò mai più da voi

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