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Intense gamblers know when they play after several hours, the eyes start to burn, you get a headache and you are totally exhausted. Non-stop gambling can make you extremely wet, which is why nootropics have become so popular. They can mask or alleviate the symptoms of mental and physical fatigue.

The RTS-3 Pack contains two components that can give you mental and physical energy, which improves your reaction time and focus. As a gamer, you know that a fast reaction time is just as important in many strategy games as in FPS games. All attempts to get the maximum out of themselves and their equipment. For screens, keyboards, high-precision mice, high-end computer components and in-game items or abilities such as boosters, armor, weapons, skills, money is being spent these days. The goal is only a few seconds faster than his opponent.

Many do not know the nootropics, especially with professional players, play a big role for a while. Professionals mostly own all pay2win items or skills. To get even more out of their games, many now resort to supplements. Not only does this remedy provide acute relief when you need it, it also ensures that you do not forget what you have learned. That goes beyond games too. Even in everyday life you will perceive changes that can accompany you throughout your life.

Nootropic stacks designed for real-time stragy can make the difference between winning and losing in fractions of a second.

Preparate contains in the stack bundle:

Stack Content





The following properties are attributed to the said preparations in combination.

  • efficiency
  • strategy
  • reaction time
  • concentration
  • foresighted
  • energy


As with any preparation, people with health conditions should be very careful and see their doctor before eating. High doses of individual preparations and stacks are not recommended.

Tags: efficiency, strategy, reaction time, concentration, foresighted, energy

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